Born 1961, in Amsterdam, Onno van der Wal started working as a cameraman for Videodrama, an experimental offshoot of the legendary Werkteater theatre group in Amsterdam, led by Marja Kok. Videodrama produced improvisitional drama productions that were shot and edited by this small close-knit group of three: director, cameraman and soundman.

Early in his career, Onno's work as a gaffer drew him to the magic of lighting which to this day is an ever-present element of his work. His background has given his work a strong personal engagement which is reflected in the many drama and documentary productions he has been involved with over the years and around the globe.

He has worked for over 25 years for several Dutch television programs that have taken him to countries where the political situation has been volatile such as the former Yugoslavia, Israel aand the Middle East, Mali, Eritrea, Ethiopia and South Sudan, as well as Indonesia, India, Russia and the U.S. 

Many of these travels have shaped the way he sees the world and shows it.

copyright Onno van der Wal

copyright Ono van der Wal